Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Time to Ring in 2010 My Friend =]

Happy New Years Eve Everyone!

So I'm not big on creating New Year's Resolutions because I feel like if we truly want to improve something about ourselves, we should do so every day.  Also, I feel like people create New Years Resolutions because they feel like they have to; most don't even stick to them.  For example, the YMCA in my area experiences the highest volume of new members in the month of January.  During this time, I find it very hard to find a decent machine to work out on, and often I find myself waiting for my turn to get on a machine that I like to use.  Then by about the middle of February, I am able to get to my favorite machine right away. 
My point is, I feel like New Years Resolutions are a little overrated.  I dont believe half of the Resolutions people tell me anyways.  This year, however, I think I will make an exception.  I have been at a happy point in my life for a while now and I would like to keep it going.  Therefore, I have decided to make a few New Years Resolutions for myself.

  • Work Harder, Play Smarter - I consider myself a hard worker already but I definately feel that there is some room for improvement.  I work a full time job and I attend college full time, yet as productive as people tell me I am, I feel like a closet lazy person.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, my love is unable to be with me at the moment which means I have to take complete care of myself, by myself.  There's no time to be lazy, yet as human beings we need to still make time for fun.  I just feel like sometimes I let fun interfere a little with my productivity.  I plan to find a way to balance this little issue throughout the year.
  • Volunteer, Get Involved with a Good Cause - I was once an AMERICORPS member.  It's kind of like the Peace Corps except you're local.  During that time, I got the opportunity to get involved within my community.  My focused on homelessness just because I know a few people who have experienced this unfortunate situation once or twice.  Having a place to call home is very important.  It's a staple to a stable living.  Home and food.  Without those two staples, we slowly lose everything; it's like a ripple effect.  When a person is stressed about a place to sleep and how they are going to feed themselves, nothing else matters, not even their job.  I hope to get more involved in shelters and food pantrys within my community.  I also plan to check out the NOH8 campaign.  I believe in equality and I want to find ways to get involved in being a spokeperson as well.
  • Love More - My love and I have a kind of long distance relationship.  Even though I get to spend time with him often, he's still too far from me.  It's all due to an unfortunate circumstance, but we all make mistakes.  Finding the lesson within that mistake is what's really important.  I dont do the greatest job at being there and expressing how much he means to me and my goal is to find new ways to show him he's more important than he may feel at times.  This goes for my family as well.  I hope to spend more time with them, to show them how much they are truly appreciated because family is always going to be there whether we like them all the time or not. =]
These are my resolutions and I plan to STICK to them.  What are some of your New Years Resolutions?


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