Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Monday.

Today has been a good day I must admit. I usually don't look forward to Mondays at all just because I am so busy I want the feeling of a relaxing weekend to last FOREVER. It's almost like coming back to reality, those Mondays. My weekend was spent in a fantasy world even if in that world I was laying in bed all day eating pint sized ice cream and watching Sex and the City: The Movie over and over. For some reason, this Monday has been different. The sun is shining, yet here in Washington you can tell it's still winter because regardless of how sunny it is outside, you can walk out and breathe in the freshly brisk air. I love it. I want to live some place where the weather is like this more often than not. I love the sun, not a fan of the heat. Miami, Florida it is with great sadness yet no disappointment that you will most likely never be blessed with my presence. Sorry.  This .......

..... is beautiful to me.  Wherever this scenery is, that is where I need to be.  New York City perhaps?  Chicago, Boston, it sure isnt here in Western Washington.

Nothing spectacular happened today, it was just a good day.  I felt great, energized, and the day isnt over.  I still have to attend my Corrections class tonight after leaving work but I feel like I could get a full-body workout in afterwards.  I feel like I could go home and cook up a dinner meal for every night this week all tonight.  I could spring clean my apartment.  The point is, I felt so good today for no specific reason that I was clearly able to think about the joys in my life, ones I never really think about because my mind is too boggled with work or school information, or I'm stressed beyond the norm.  I have this new outlook today that I want to continue having.  I have this sense of calm overpowering my being and I want it to stay. 

On days like this, we should all remember to take the time out to appreciate our surroundings; appreciate our talents, our interests, the things that make us happy.  I know our lives get pretty busy sometimes, but today was a day that reminded me to bring forth thoughts of what I appreciate in life.  You see, nothing spectacular happened today.  It was just a good day.

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  1. Thats what I love about my city, is that it always looks good in every season. I mean sure it can smell in the summer or be a mess in the winter, but there is plenty in between to fall in love with.